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1958 Born in Kingston
Lives and works in Sheffield, UK


1982-85 Royal College of Art, London
1977-80 St. Martins School of Art, London


2009 BUTTERCUPS AND DAISIES, Patrick Painter Inc., Santa Monica, CA

2008 The Loved One, Patrick Painter Inc., Santa Monica, CA

2007 ODD, Figge von Rosen Galerie, Cologne, Germany
ODD, Stuart Shave/Modern Art, London

2006 OOO!, Stuart Shave/Modern Art, London
OOO! (oval paintings), Outpost Gallery, Norwich

2002 Three Painters: Simon Bill, The Cornerhouse, Manchester

2001 Bio Pop, Modern Art, London

1999 Corn Hole, Modern Art, London

1998 1500 to the Present Day, Crown Gallery, Brussel, Belgium

1997 Simon Bill, Crown Gallery, Brussels, Belgium

1996 Blind Idiot God, Bloom Gallery, Amsterdam

1995 I’ve Got Demons in My Stomach, Cabinet Gallery, London

1993 From Hell, Cabinet Gallery, London


2010 A Group Painting Show, Patrick Painter Inc., Santa Monica, CA
The Long Dark, Kettles Yard, Cambridge, UK
The Long Dark, The International 3, Manchester, UK

2009 The Sculpture Show, V22 Gallery, London (curated by Simon Bill)
House of Fairy Tales – Horn of Plenty, Viktor Wynd Fine Art Inc., London, England

2008 Precious Things, Highlanes Gallery, Drogheda, Eire
Blitz-Krieg Bop, Man & Eve Gallery, London

2003 FRASS, UBS Warburg, London

2002 Lost Collection of an Invisible Man, Bart Wells Institute, London & Laing Gallery, Newcastle

2001 Tattoo Show, Modern Art, London
Beck’s Futures 2, Institute of Contemporary Arts, London

2000 Abstract Art, Delfina Gallery, London

1999 Animal Magic, Kunsthaus Karstruhe, Germany
Papermake, Modern Art, London Exit Art, New York, NY

1998 Show Me the Money, Dukes Mews, London
There’s Something Odd About Painting, Konig Gallery, Vienna, Austria

1997 Multislot, London
Dissolution, Laurent DeLaye Gallery, London
Popocultural II, Southhampton City Art Gallery, London

1996 Popocultural, South London Gallery, London Yerselfesteem, curated by Works and Pictures, London
The Death of the Death of Painting, New York, NY
White Hysteria, Contemporary Art Center, Adelaide, Australia

1995 Please Don’t Hurt Me, Cabinet Gallery, London
Painter’s Opinion, Bloom Gallery, Amsterdam

1994 Please Don’t Hurt Me, Gallerie Snoie, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

1993 M.P.D. multiple personality disorder, Cabinet Gallery, London
Unfair 93, Cologne, Germany
Pop Maudite, Cabient Gallery, London
Pet Show, Union Street, London