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Bernt & Hilla Becher
Zoe Crosher
Joshua Hagler




Zoe Crosher was born in Santa Rosa, California in 1975. “In Crosher’s erudite photographs,
she captures the murky, stilled waters of a dock and the hazy seascape of an empty beach.
Each image, devoid of the human figure, is taken at the approximate time of its subject’s vanishing.
Photo captions indicate both subject and site… to varying degrees, each narrative remains unresolved,
containing many unknowns. By combining literary characters with actors and celebrities,
Crosher risks surpassing her viewers’ abilities to suspend belief… [the photographs] act as
waypoints, dotting the geophysical edge of the West, directing us towards a limitless
promise – indefinable and mercurial – between reality and the sublime.” –Jenée Misraje

Joshua Hagler, Born in 1979 in Mountain Home, Idaho, Joshua Hagler is currently based in New
Mexico. His paintings reference his own photographs taken in the areas near the Missouri
and Snake Rivers. Referred to as landscapes by Hagler, many of the works have the appearance of
abstract paintings. For Hagler, the subject is the felt presence of memory in the environment,
more than the landscape itself.

Bernd & Hilla Becher were German conceptual artists and photographers working as a
collaborative duo. They are best known for theirextensive series of photographic images,
of industrial buildings and structures. They always used a straightforward objective point of
view, ultimately influencing generations of documentary photographers and artists. In drawing
attention to the cultural dimension of industrial architecture, their work also highlighted the need for preservation of these buildings.