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Patrick Painter Inc. is pleased to present Plastic Fantastic Lover, an exhibition featuring
artworks by Carlson Hatton and David Onri Anderson.

Anderson is a Nashville, Tennessee-based artist, born in 1993, who received his BFA and
the Gowa Purchase Award from Watkins College of Art in Nashville. He had a solo
exhibition at Atlanta Contemporary Art Center, and has a review in Art in America on his
most recent solo-exhibition at Elephant Gallery in Nashville. As a newly represented artist
with Patrick Painter, Inc., this is his West Coast debut. He will be having his first solo-show
at Patrick Painter, Inc. in 2019.

Through his candle works, Anderson explores energy, emotion, and form – the melting and
burning of the candle itself represents to him the existential concepts of life, love, death and
the possibility of rebirth. His relationship with his first crude candle image began as a
deeply personal experience, and has evolved to this urgent search for meaning.

Hatton creates paintings that evoke the complexities of viewing and representing the world
that surrounds us. Using acrylic, silkscreen, collage aesthetics, and a broad range of printinspired
techniques intertwined, he creates dense environments that are layered with form
and figuration. His paintings slip in and out of abstraction and present themselves as
narratives that capture multiple viewpoints and moments of time. Hatton’s work reflects
his deep interest in how popular culture and our shared visual lexicon has become more
densely impenetrable over time. A recurring theme in his work is the connection to the
nature that surrounds us within the environments that we have collectively created.
Hatton received his BFA from the Cooper Union, and completed The Ateliers and the Jan
van Eyck Academy Post Graduate programs in the Netherlands. He is currently a tenured
Professor of Art at Santa Monica College.