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Patrick Painter Inc. presents Apple Core Peace Temple, a solo exhibition featuring works by David Onri Anderson March 30 - April 27, 2019.

Born in 1993, Anderson is a Nashville, Tennessee-based artist, who received his BFA and the Gowa Purchase Award from Watkins College of Art in Nashville. He had a solo exhibition at Atlanta Contemporary Art Center, and has a review in Art in America on his most recent solo-exhibition at Elephant Gallery in Nashville. As a newly represented artist with Patrick Painter, Inc., this is his West Coast solo-show debut. In his Apple Core series, Anderson creates paintings of similar vibrating images in a light color palette. The notions of the “seeds of life” and the “fruit of knowledge” are themes one cannot ignore.

The paintings resemble an eastern Tantric artwork style whereupon the subjects are connected with greater and more divine concepts than their seeming inconspicuous origins, and the imagery style of flattening the subjects on the canvas.